Monday, November 1, 2010

Hockey Card Topic: Young Guns Vs Rated Rookies

Panini will release "Donruss Hockey" later this month.

It got me to thinking, will their "Rated Rookies" subset (seeded 1:6 packs, same ratio as UD's MEGA Popular "Young Guns" subset) give Young Guns a run for their money?

a little back history for those not into Hockey Cards.....In an era where "rookie cards" have to have one or more of the following features:

Game Used Patch and/or Jersey
individually machine numbered

Heres the kicker.....Upper Deck's Young Guns do not have ANY of the features listed above, none, zero ziltch.

Young Guns have held their own over the last decade in the ever changing market that almost DEMANDS the above traits for "rookie cards"

Pretty cool, eh? i think so too, and im a huge Young Guns supporter.

With Panini now in the NHL game, i wonder how their "Rated Rookkies" are going to do in the hobby.

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