Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the verge of the 34th anniversary of The Midnight Massacre.....

New York City is all abuzz about what the fate of Jose Reyes will be.
With the Trade Deadline next month, and Jose's pending free-agency this winter approaching, everyone has their own feelings on the topic.

It was June 15, 1977 that the New York Mets traded there best and most beloved home grown talent, Tom "Terrific" Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds.

That is a black day in NY Mets History, as Seaver went on to throw a no-no almost a year to the day later. His legacy in New York Mets Land has not been topped, let alone equaled by any Mets home grown player since then.

Sure Piazza was a great Met, but he was a Dodger first. Sure Gooden and Strawberry were great, but their METS stars faded out, only to be re-ignited "elsewhere".

David Wright. in the beginning, i was one of the biggest Wright fans around. but over the last three years, ive soured on him big time. i think his best days are over, and he's only 28, go figure.

Jose Reyes. I've never been a HUGE Reyes fan, but i have to root for the guy to stay in a Mets uniform.

The Mets are almost 50 years old. yes, FIFTY years old, and they have NEVER had a player come up through the farm, and then have a illustrious career in ONLY a Mets uniform.

its kind of sad when you think about it. it really sucks sometimes being a Mets Fan

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