Thursday, February 10, 2011

2.10.11 - Graded Card Of The Day


1986 Topps Michael Jack Schmidt. a classic picture of his follow swing in what is one of many many many pictures taken at lovely old Shea Stadium.

even as a Mets fan, i've always been a fan of Michael Jack Schmidt. i respected that he played his whole career with one organization. i wish more pros would do that, but money changes everything, so thats a no-go

1986 Topps will always have a special place in my heart. it was the first year that i (as a 15 year old) purchased a sealed case. it was a three-box Topps Rack Case, cost me $50. i still remember carrying it home on the public bus back in Queens, New York.

This year i am to turn 40, and one of the things that i want to do is open another one of those cases. they really dont cost much more then they did back in 1986, but they arent super easy to find.

1986 Topps is also a tough year to slab. the top border being black makes it subject to wear and tear 25 years later. Although the prices have come down on the high grade copies, 9's arent all that easy to track down.

So far i have PSA 9's of: Schmidt, Puckett, Ripken and Reggie

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