Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is it time for a shift in "Era Categories" for baseball cards?

Is it time for a shift in "Era Categories" for baseball cards?

I've been thinking about this some lately. For years and years the vintage
"line in the sand" has always been 1980. That makes some sense as that was
the last year that Topps was the only producer of MLB Baseball cards on the
national level.

But i think that there may be a need for some revision of this. i think that
it should not be as black and white as one year, and theres the line.

The Comic Book Genre has FOUR Categories: Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern.

Why can't sports cards adapt something like this as well?

Golden: Pre-WWII - Tobacco. Here kid, go away while i smoke in peace.
Vintage: Post WWII to 1969 - Gum. and you got cards to use at your leisure.
Modern: 1970 to 1989 - Cards. and gum to chew while you cherished your cards.
Current: 1990 to today - Money. what's my "pull" worth?

its just something thats been bouncing around in my brain and i wanted to
throw it out there.

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  1. I break it up

    Pre War: Pre-WWII
    Vintage: Post WWII-1972 (72 was the last of the Topps sets released in a multitude of series'.
    Modern Vintage: 73-79
    Junk: 80-94
    Modern: 95-today