Monday, February 14, 2011

2.14.11 - Graded Card Of The Day

Spring Training Officially opens up today, so lets go with baseball.


1981 saw the end of Topps long run as the only producer of MLB Sports Cards. Fleer had put out baseball cards before (1963), but Donruss never had before. The card stock is pretty flimsy and the pics are more blurry then clear, but i love 'em.

1981 Donruss was the first full box i ever opened. i was 9 or 10 (cant remember what time of the year they came out, 1981 WAS 30 years ago! lol) at the time, and my local Te~amo Candy store had a box of them, so i had to go home and get $10 to buy the whole box! great times. i miss those days.

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