Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey BGS, fix that flip already!

Being someone that isnt a fan of buying raw cards, that leaves me to make some choices. for years and years and years ive been saying that BGS needs to fix their flips.

in my opinion (which im entitled to, as everyone is), this Bench flip (a flip for those that do not know is the material that shows what the grade is inside the slab) has horrible eye appeal when you put it next to their flips with "higher" grades:


now when you place PSA slabs next to each other, there is nice slab eye appeal and continuity, regardless of grade:


of course, one could feel that the PSA flip is "flimsy", but they are continous, which i really like.

ive said this many times before....its almost as if BGS is "punishing" a submitter of a card that is not "8.5 or better" by placing their card in an inferior looking slab, and thats a damn shame.

What BGS charges for their service is the same per card, so why cant they have flips made out of better material for cards graded less then 8.5?

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