Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3.2.11 - Graded Card Of The Day

i decided today that im going to be a little more "forgiving" of rookie card slabs not named PSA. Truth be told, i've got some fantastic rookie card slabs that are not "FineNines" OR in PSA Slabs. Some might find that shocking, but those that have known me for some time know all the different phases that i went through over the last 6 years of collecting this crap :)

that being said, todays Graded Card Of The Day is none other then a fantastic example of George Brett's Topps Rookie Card. i've owned this for a long time now, cant even tell you how long its been, but id say at least 3 years.

is it a "FineNine"? No, it's not. and im ok with it as it was very affordable. That's another thing that i have to always remind myself about when it comes to collecting cardboard... there will ALWAYS be someone that will have better (whatever it is you collect) then you do. that's life. cant let it get to you too much. sometimes sure, but not too much, ok? lol

i guess what im getting at is that i want my rookie cards to be slabbed "FineNine"'s, but that cant always be the case (wallet be damned! lol), and i have to be happy with what i can grasp, and move on to the next needed slab :)


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