Sunday, March 20, 2011

Embarking on a new collecting adventure

Those that know me know that i change my mind a lot.

well, ive decided to embark on a rather long journey. One that is neither financially smart or sane in my opinion. But what the heck, right? lol

Staying with my 80's phaze, ive decided to build Complete Sets in sheets/binders, starting with Topps from the 80s, possibly pushing forward until 1991, when wax (and gum) packs were discontinued. Eventually working my way backwards i suppose.

That sounds easy enough Eric, wtf are you rambling about then? thats what you might be thinking.

Well, i have an added twist with this focus. i want the best centered and in registration (that means focus for those that dont know) card that i can find to represent each card in the set, and the traded set as well.

THAT is where My Focus will make it challenging. Because of course, everything after 1985 Topps is readily available and pretty affordable and for the most part, under two cents a card delivered. its just a matter of finding the best copy that will make the final cut.

so yes, i am crazy, but what the heck right? only live once.

i spent an hour last night going over my '82TT set (i have one without a Ripken or Smith) and was able to find 13 cards (out of the 130 possible) that were able to make the first cut. Since this is the first time im doing this, i know i'll go over those 13 cards again sometime in the future.

Here's my own personal guideline that i am using for the '82s


a labor of love for sure. but when a set truly is done, it's gonna be a keeper!

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  1. Great idea. I plan on doing the exact same thing with my '83 Topps set. Never thought of building my own gauge like you did though, I was going to just eyeball it.

    Thanks for the inspiration.