Friday, March 4, 2011

3.4.11 - Graded Card Of The Day

UNFORTUNATELY that case of 89 Topps Racks that i mentioned yesterday fell through. ::sigh:: the search continues.

in the meantime, time for todays GCOTD:

lets roll it back one year, to 1988


ahhh 1988 Topps. the true "bastard" of all Topps Sets, possibly EVER, but definately of the years 1952 through 1989. Some might argue that 1986 is worse, but with their black tops, those win because of the toughness of grading, rendering their wax more popular for that and other reasons.

1988 Topps produced one (future) Hall of Famer Rookie Card, Tom Glavine. While 1988 may not have lived up to the test of time, they still ARE Topps Baseball Cards afterall :)


  1. This looks like it could have been a 2010 Upper Deck card, with the noticeable lack of logos. That's Mike's real hair right?

  2. LOL! yes as far as i know Michael jack's not a hair piece guy.