Friday, September 24, 2010


Just had some lunch because i have to eat.  feeling so-so today so far.
overcast day out, slight drizzle during my walk

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


went to get some new pants today.  i couldnt believe that i fit into and purchased size 30 jeans. a year ago, my jeans were 44/42.


First Blog here.

Not sure how this blog is going to work.  Vent area? Daily (or whenever i get around to it) recap?

Who the hell knows.

I guess i'll get the blah blah blahs out of the way for anyone that happens to locate and read this garbage.

im a white guy, 39 years old and this past January was diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes.  Since that time, i've managed to lose 107 pounds.  i am currently in the 160s, standing 6'2".  Diet, exercise, portion control, and most importantly, cutting out almost all carbohydrates all together is what was able to get me to where i am right now.

That all being said, after 27ish years of being told that i could stand to lose some weight, iv enow been told just the opposite, i need to add about 20 lbs back on. Excuse me? are you fucking kidding me? lol thats my general reaction.  ive been told that i am looking anorexic nowadays.  i just dont see it.  i see myself as the 300lb guy that i used to be.

Eating is a problem.  as funny as it sounds to those that have known me for some time, i have no desire to eat and could literally go all day without eating.  but i know that that is not good for me and can pretty much tell when my blood sugar gets too low.  thats usually my reminder that i have to eat something.

about an hour ago, i stuffed down some food, because i have to, not because i was hungry.