Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collecting ... in our Genes or is it ...

... a disease?

ive been pretty much bed ridden for the better part of the last week.  i was asked to babysit my godson and his sister Friday before last.  i think thats where the illness was transferred, these things happen with kids.  its always been that way for as long as i can remember.

the last few days ive been reading about a good number of people that i consider friends, card friends at the least i suppose, say that they are leaving/cutting back on "the hobby".  i cant say that i blame them, theyre reasonings are valid enough.  people come and go in this hobby all of the time.  some stay gone, most seem to return in one form or another.

Why is that?  is collecting something that we are born to do?  Some people never have the desire to collect anything.  nothing wrong with that either.  maybe its a generational thing.  Kids today have so many things "going for them" that maybe collecting "things" is just too foreign of a concept for them to grasp.

since ive got nothing to do but pass time while this illness passes, ive been watching a lot of Netflix.  specifically "The Wonder Years".   i watched this series when it aired originally (1988), but i was 17ish at the time.  i like it, but i can honestly say that i didnt truly "get it".  Now that i am 41, and watching it again for the first time since then, wow does it come across as an amazing show now that i am "of age" (i suppose).  i started season 5 (there are 6) last night, and will be a little sad when i finish watching it. 

Comic Books have garnered much more of my interest this year as a whole.  not sure why that is really, but it is what it is.  i still love cards and probably always will.  Im still on the fence about next years Topps Heritage Set.  Im worried that Topps is going to screw up the paper stock, like they did with the Heritage High # Set this year.  Yes, i know, such a "problem" to have Eric!  But it is what it is.  i suppose i could wind up collecting the set later on in the year when the price of the wax plummets (like it did this year)

i hope that you guys are having a better go at it then i am.

until next time,