Friday, April 27, 2012

Tired. Literally, Mentally, you name it

Hi NEW Blogger universe.

Seems that a lot of things on the interwebs are changing this month.  Whos to tell if they are good or bad.

i see that this here has changed their layout.  i have to ask ... if it aint broke, yada yada yada
also, my messageboard of choice, has also decided to totally change their format.  i
have to admit that i dont like it.  yes, i am old.  yes, i am old fashioned like that. (holy hell i cannot spell
tonight!)  aain, if it aint broke, dont fix it.  but the powers that be on FCB have told me that it WAS broken
and needed fixin'.  well, it is their site and it is free, so what can you do.

well ive not written much here because i am tired.  i am tired because i have been working pretty much every day this
month and will continue to do so for the remainder of the minor league season for the most part.  want to get paid?
have to work for it, thats how it goes.

i also have not won all that much on eBay this month.  not having time and/or desire to look at the website will do
that to a collector.  ive won six auctions this month.  might be a career low for a month since i returned to this
habit back in 2005

been stuck in a collecting rut i suppose.  im still chasing the Topps Heritage Dragon, making some trades here and
there, but now that the release is over 6 weeks old, it might as well be 6 years old as far as wanting to trade
with people.  kind of sad it all is that in todays collecting world, products are so quickly "moved on" from.

remember collecting 30 years ago when we had three sets to collect for the whole year? miss those days.

im still working on my Post War HOF PSA Registry Set.  my wantlist is stuck at nine.  went to a show last sunday,
but wasnt able to find any.  i did walk out of there with two hobby boxes of 2012 THeritage because they were
$50 a box.  Hope to open them soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello, time for a little update

work work work work work ... you get the pictured, eh?

yep, work is back in full swing and it's taking up a lot of my time. sure there are times when i am out for a walk that i think "wow, this (or that) is a good idea for a blog" but it never comes to fruition for some reason or another.

i am still (slowly) plugging away at my 2012 Heritage set. GQ will be out in a week, so the "H" Train has officially left "Popularity Station" and thats fine by me.

havnt even been looking at eBay all that much as of late. i did manage to win a Seaver '74 PSA 8 for my collection, happy about that.

picked up some 2012 Heritage Blisters at Target, and am now at 22% done on the Blister Exclusive Black Border set. just finished last years Black Border Set last month actually.

Speaking of work, sadly it seems that my desire for cheese has come to a stand still. Being out on LI all winter means that there is no real access to being able to consume real good cheese. Now that i am back in the city six days a week, i have access, but the drive to try new cheeses seems to have gone away. i still love the aged gouda, but dont want to have it every day for fear of growing tired of it.

my blood sugar numbers have been fine, clocking in around 80 upon waking.