Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My 2015 NSCC Wrap!

Well, the 2015 Nation Sports Card Convention (NSCC) has come and gone.  
Much like every other year, we spend 51 weeks waiting for it, and then the
week FLYS by WAAAAAY too quickly.

For me, The NSCC is about seeing friends, old and new alike.  This year was
no different.   Seeing Great Friends, Friends and making NEW Friends is why
i keep going back year after year.  

Collect anything long enough, and you get to be in a "comfortable" place with
your own collection.  Add something new? Fantastic!  Don't? No worries, as
you've already got a lot you can call your own.  It's often difficult for us
collectors to take a step back and look at what we ALREADY own, always
focusing on "what's next?!?!"

Pictures will be posted at the bottom, so if you've gotten this far, Thank You! :)

i met so many great people this year.  you know who you are, so to avoid
stepping on any toes, you shall all remain nameless :)

For this years show, it was the first one that i didnt have a #FOCUS going into.
That can be VERY dangerous, but for me it wasnt.   My main goal (other then
going to Gibsons ;) was to cross some stuff over from BGS, have some pack
pulled cards slabbed and have two cards Reviewed, as i felt one was certainly
under-graded and one that had a fair shot at a half point point-bump.

As far as pickups, i always have my eye out for Low-Graded, High-eye appeal
Centered Mantles.  I've been priced out of the market the last 18 months or so,
but when i find one, it makes it even sweeter.  Luckily i was able to fine one!

ok, on to the pictures, which thanks to having no idea how to post them on this
website, you are going to have to C&P into a new browser, or whatever it is that
you can do to see them.  Sorry about that :/

My 620-less Streak continues, unfortunately.  That RB card is part of a Twitter #WalletCard thingie, check it out if youve not yet!

Group Shot of the Successful Crossovers and Raw Subs
(The Mantles were in SGC 40's, the Wiggins/AD were Raw and the rest were in BGS 9.5 True Gems)

The Mantle Crossovers

As soon as i got this in the mail, i KNEW it was an undergraded PSA 7.  Thankfully They agreed with me. Successful Bump!

And finally, my lone pickup at the show:

i will also add that Topps Digital KICK BUTT all week long.  Their people that worked the show
were all very nice and couldn't have been kinder with all that they offered and did.  i see big things
on the horizon for Digital collecting.   Yea yea, i know how most "old school" people feel about it,
but thats another discussion for another time :)

Again, Thank you to you all, as that is what makes the NSCC what it is, and why i keep going back! :)