Friday, October 24, 2014

My Mind MGMT Volume One Money Back Guarantee

About a year ago (in fact it was October 23rd of 2013) i posted a blog about my love of the comic book "Mind MGMT"

This is a C&P of that blog: ================================================================== 

This is an independent monthly comic book released by Dark Horse Comics that you probably have never heard of.

it is 24 pages of STORY. there are NO ADVERTS within the front and back covers.  Any ads that are there are there to advance the story, and/or items related to the story. 

i will not tell you what the story is about, because i want you to experience it for yourself.  i will say that for the most part, it is most likely unlike anything else you've ever read when it comes to comic books.  That is especially true if you are strictly a "Big Two" reader, and more-so if you are all about the superheroes (not that there is anything wrong with that)

Matt Kindt writes, draws, colors and letters this book.  That's correct, he does everything that you see when you read Mind MGMT (pronounced Management).  Not only does he color it, but it is colored using water-coloring, pure awesomeness!

Now, his style may not be for everyone, but i for one, love it.  i have so much respect for the fact that he creates all aspects of this book.  That is a pretty rare feat in todays comic book world.

There are three trades out so far, which cover the first 18 issues (plus some neat bonus stuff).  The Trades themselves are a thing of Beauty.  They are Hard Cover Collections, at Soft Cover pricing. 

Not only that, but the paper stock used for the pages within are second to none.  To try to describe it here would be doing them injustice really.

i cannot recommend this book enough. 

i want this book to be read by as many people as possible.  if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, as i love talking about this book (and any of the other great books that Matt has done) ================================================================== 

Well, as a humble brag, i've turned on about a dozen people to the book in the last year, maybe more, i never did keep track.   Now i would like even more people to jump on board and read this masterpiece.  And in doing so, turn them onto the wonderful mind and world of Matt Kindt.

Matt has a nifty website ... where you can order the Amazing Volumes of Mind MGMT, as well as most of his other creations (ALL of which are Brilliant).

For the purpose of my offer, i would hope you order it directly from him (it helps him out after all! :) But, if you must, you can also order it on Amazon. Order it, read it (and read it again!;) and if you absolutely do not like it, i will PayPal you $20

That's right, you will get your money back! i LOVE This Book and want as many of you people to love and experience this book as well.  There You have it! Order, Read, Re-Read, and most importantly, ENJOY!

Your Friend,