Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Type 2 Diabetics, Baseball Players and overweight people

There is a huge misconception that if someone is "fat" then the reason that they have or developed type 2 diabetes is because they are fat.   That simply is not true.  there are plenty of "skinny" people that have type 2 diabetes and plenty of "fat" folks that dont.

In doing some research about famous athletes with diabetes, it seems that most of them are Type 1's.

The two that ive come across that are type 2 are David Wells and Dmitri Young.

Both players are fairly known in the baseball world, as well as the baseball card world.  Both men are also pretty portly, to put it nicely.  Both men were also diagnosed while in their 30s well after they were well established baseball players.  if i were to guess, id guess that their lifestyle is what lead them to become T2's.  not only is ones lifestyle conducent to becoming Type 2, but also ones family heritage.

Obviously i do not have any access to either of these guys family tree, but if "D" runs in the Dmitri Young Family Tree, one has to be concerned about his bothers future, Delmon Young is a budding star with the Minnesota Twins.

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