Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Score Hockey Review

The year was 1990. Being a Hockey Card collector in 1990 saw the dawning of the Hockey Card Collecting Boom.

Mark Messier lead the Oliers to their first (and only) post-era Gretzky Stanley Cup victory. A young phenom
named Eric Lindros was on the verge of making his Hobby presence known. At the same time, an up and coming
sports card manufacturer was about to unleash a monster of a card release on the collecting public.

1990 Score Hockey! Just thinking about it brings back a flooding rush of emotions. Great photography, tons of
"Rookie Cards" and of course.....

THE "Future Superstar" Eric Lindros' Rookie Card. Man, those were the days.

Now the year is 2010 and as with anything else, 20 years of hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.

"Score Hockey" is back! Panini America has brought the famous hockey card line back to life with an all new
release, 2010 Score Hockey.

Collectors both old and new have to be excited for this new Hockey Card release that features an old school
feel to it with the throwback design of the base cards, and the inclusion of todays games top rookies!

With a Suggested Retail Price of 99 cents for a pack of 7 cards, this is sure to please both the casual collector,
and the hard core wax pack junkie!

I had the pleasure, thanks to Freedom Card Board ( of ripping into one of these hot new
boxes of Score Hockey.

Here's a pack-by-pack breakdown of my experience:

Pack 1: Crosby is the first base i see, excellent!
Pack 2: Base Cards
Pack 3: Gustavsson Sno-Globe Die Cut (One Globe Per Box)
Pack 4: Gustavsson Net Cam insert
Pack 5: John McCarthy HOT Rookies
Pack 6: Tokarski Glossy Hot Rookie, Oberg Hot Rookie, Rob Blake Season Highlight (Blake was in the 1990 release!)
Pack 7: Pat Kane Playoff Heroes
Pack 8: Kadri Hot Rookies
Pack 9: Base Cards
Pack 10: D Keith Playoff Heroes
Pack 11: Price Net Cam
Pack 12: Thiessen Hot Rookies
Pack 13: M Samuelsson Playoff Heroes
Pack 14: Wade Redden "20th Anniversary" parallel (One Per Box, going to be a toughie for Player/Team Collectors)
Pack 15: Hamill Hot Rookies
Pack 16: Hutton Hot Rookies
Pack 17: Yip Hot Rookies
Pack 18: Glossy Tangradi Hot Rookies; Doughty Sudden Death
Pack 19: Gionta Playoff Heroes; Glossy Season Highlights Brodeur (who was in the original set!)
Pack 20: Kadri Hot Rookies
Pack 21: Samson Hot Rookies
Pack 22: Base Cards
Pack 23: Kipper Net Cam; MAF Glossy
Pack 24: McCarthy Hot Rookies
Pack 25: Penner Hot Rookies
Pack 26: Kadri Hot Rookies (third one in the box!)
Pack 27: Subban Hot Rookies (he and Kadri are on the box!)
Pack 28: Toews Playoff Heroes
Pack 29: Cowen Hot Rookies
Pack 30: McCarthy Hot Rookies
Pack 31: Derek Smith Hot Rookies
Pack 32: Base Cards
Pack 33: Brodeur Net Cam
Pack 34: Subban Hot Rookies
Pack 35: Subban Hot Rookies (third one in the box!)
Pack 36: Glossy Cliche Hot Rookies

It was fun to rip a whole box of packs in one sitting.

The Good:

At just about an insert per pack, the kids will love 'em!
The cards are really nice in hand, and the TTM/IP Auto Collectors will love the fact that the base cards have no gloss
on them, so the autos will stick!
Deep player selection, always a plus for the team collectors.
Really like that the back of each card has a very nice amount of text.

The Not So Good:

Duplicate Hot Rookies. There are 50 players in the Hot Rookies Set, there is no reason for 2 or 3 of the same Hot Rookies
to be included in one box.

Overall Grade: B+, great rip for the price point!

ok, time to sort these commons....ha! remember those days everyone? :)

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