Sunday, April 17, 2011

4.17.11 Hofstra Card Show Review

Today i made my way over to the Hofstra Card Show.

i went to relax and enjoy a fine spring day and see what i could pick up.

good thing it was a fantastic day, because the show itself left a lot to be desired.
There were more dealers at the same show a year ago, and i was expecting to see more dealers to be honest.

That's ok, i was going to make the best of it was my mindset, so i wasnt going to let that get me down.

Seeing as i have a birthday coming up, i wanted to treat myself to something for my PC.
there were not a lot of slabs available (not really a shocker), but i found one dealer that had a really nice amount of mid to high end vintage stuff available. i was able to pick these two slabs up, and could not be happier to have gotten them at the price i did:


There wasnt much wax about, but i did pick up a hobby box of 2008 Toppe Heritage for $49

i also got to hang out and chat with a few FCBers, which is always a nice thing to do in my book :)

so all of the above made the trip well worth it!

Thanks for the read,


  1. Great pick-ups! The Cey/Schmidt is special.

  2. Love the Ryan rookie....I don't collect baseball, but I would love to have one in my collection someday!

  3. Great buys. I don't have either of these but hope to add them both some day (especially the Ryan rookie).