Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why is it, i *must* collect SOMETHING?

is it some kind of genetic flaw ('cause god knows ive got enough of those to begin with) that i feel i MUST COLLECT some sort of cards?

wtf i ask myself sometimes.

i love baseball cards, and sports cards in general. no doubt about that. in fact, they are the glue that keeps me from falling to pieces in this thing we call life.

i bounce back and forth like a freakin' pinball when it comes to my "focus" i get what is like some collecting bug, and have to collect that (whatever that may be) until i get sick of it.

Take Topps Heritage, i am almost done with the set run, while i love them, now that it is nearing completion, whats next? i have no interest in game used cards, or chrome cards. What i do like about Topps Heritage is that i know there will be another one to put together next year, if im around for it.

for a while there, i was collecting PSA 9 base 80's cards of the HOFers that i grew up watching. That was/is fun, but it really isnt worth the money, and i realize that, and im the first to say that it isnt about the money ('casue it isnt) but why am i paying $7 a piece for one slab when i can pick up the whole set for $40? doesnt make sense.

what i do still love slabs for is for rookie cards. seems thats where i am turning back to again. i love graded rookie cards, the older the card, the less concerned i am about the "numeric grade". with the vintage rookies, i want eye appeal with an eye on the wallet. For modern (post 1979) baseball rookie cards, i prefer to have a grade of 9. There are very few modern rookies cards that i have yet to obtain. For baseball its pretty much just a Puckett CENTERED Fleer Update. Other modern "Money" Rookie Cards that i would like to own that come to mind are: Jordan, Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy, Emmitt Smith Centered Score.

Here is my list of Baseball HOFers that i would like to own (eye appeal meaning more to me then numberic grade):

B Robinson
Reggie Jackson
Jim Rice

as far as the non-rc's im still going back and forth about what to do. some of the time i just say fuck it, get those slabs! other times i think they'll look just fine in sheets/albums. if going the sheets/albums route, how would i go about sheeting them up? break it down by player? by year? brand? i dont have interest in sheeting whole sets (nor do i have the space for them). Do i pick up factory sets and crack them? do u rip wax to pull them myself? all these questions i find myself answering differently from one day to the next.

Well, there you have it. just felt the need to type it and put it out there.

Thanks for the read,

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