Thursday, December 8, 2011

My thoughts on the Jose Reyes thing and Cardboad Appreciation

i have been a New York Mets Fan since 1977. although i was too young (6 at the time) to remember the impact that the trading of Tom Seaver had at the time, now as a man on the other side of 40, i am all too familiar with that situation, and everything that it has done to the franchise.

Jose Reyes is a very good baseball player. As a Mets fan, will i miss him? yes i will.
it's not that im a big fan of his. What i WAS a big fan of was the fact that the Mets signed him, brought him up through the system, and had him become a star while still being with the team.

Next year the Mets Franchise turns 50 years old. Through the first 49 years, they have never had a superstar signed by them, come up through their system, become a superstar for them, and retire having played ONLY for them. NOT ONE FREAKING PLAYER!
Sorry Ed Kranepool, you were never a superstar.

As a baseball card addict, this REALLY bothers me. it really bothers me waaaay more then it should really.

i look at the other side of town, where the Yankees reside. My father grew up a Yankees fan (and still is). He got to see Mantle and that era's stars play. He doesnt collect cards, lucky him. The list of Yankees that "fit the bill" is a long one.

As a Mets fan, it hurts. it really does hurt that there is nobody to put together a really nice PSA collection of that each and every freaking card will picture that player in a METS UNIFORM!

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