Monday, May 7, 2012

CGC Comics

Comics?  Eric, what the fu...?

Yea, comics. while i havnt bought any yet, ive been doing a lot of reading and thinking about comic books.

back in my early teen years, i was a comic book reader, pretty avid one.  really enjoyed them.  i was a marvel kid for the most part.
i wish i would have kept my books.  i got rid of literally all of them.  did not hang on to one. that being said, now as an old man, i dont have much desire to read comics.  its the collecting addict in me that has me wanting to pick up CGC Graded copies.  yes, you read that correctly.  Graded Comics.  CGC is the only grading service worth a damn when it comes to comic books.

i am in an interesting position now since i own not one comic.  i have a clean canvas, totally blank which i can "color" as i please with.
kind of like starting fresh, all over again.

ive put together a list of comics that i loved as a kid and bought when they were released, or could not afford at the time, but loved via staring at them on various comic book store "walls" (where the "money" books were always displayed) here is the list ...

Always drooled over...

Giant Sized Xmen #1
XMen #94
Amazing Spiderman #129
Hulk #181

Bought these when they were released ...

Amazing Spiderman #252
Secret Wars #8
Web Of Spiderman # 1
Secret Wars #1
XFactor #1
New Mutants #1

i THINK i'd ike to own these in CGC form.  what grade is the question.  i have to be honest that i am having a hard time deciphering how CGC goes about handing out their assigned grades.

They grade on a 10 point scale from 0.5 to 10.0, much like SGC does from what i can tell.  there is just so much more that seems to go into it though.

i have my eye on an 8.0 XMen 94.  and to look at the scan of it, it looks really nice, not all that much different from some 9.0's that ive seen.  the price differnence between the two is nearly double.

i wonder if this really is for me.  id really like to settle on a FOCUS (ring a bell?).  id really like to do so because with this literally fresh start, i can build from the ground up, something i wish i had the chance to do when it came to the card slabs


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  2. The only problem I have with slabbing comics is you take away what they were made for and that is reading. With a baseball card it's no big deal two sides, both can be seen in the slab. I wrote a whole long diatribe about this on my blog years ago.
    I understand the appeal of slabbing and grading comics. You know what your getting, keeps the comic protected, ect. But now you have to start looking at this collection as what it's going to be then and that is an investment. It's like buying a bar of gold. And I hear it all the time that collectibles make terrible investments, but if your careful and selective not prospecting I think you can do alright. Plus starting fresh you can go any direction you want with it. Good luck whatever you end up doing.