Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Woke up today and realized that i am closer to 50 then 30. That's kind of humbling really.

Some memories never fade.  If that's good or bad is up to ones interpretation. June is a rough month for me as far as memories go.  Yes there are a few "good" ones, but the not-so-good ones seem to weigh heavier on my mind.

it was nine years ago this month that Michele lost her long battle with cancer.  she was only 33 years old.  she fought so hard, she was such a great woman.  i miss her more then words can express.

if you read this dreck that i type out, youve read it all before.  nothing new here, and thats ok by me.

ive been getting back into comic books this year.  its more about reading trade paperbacks, but its also in my nature to collect them.  nothing wrong with that.  i wonder if subconsciously it's about going back to a time in my life that was "good" or at least not so bad.

 During my daily walks i somethimes think of things that ill blog about.  it helps me pass the time and gets me through the walk.  sadly they are always better sounding in my mind and lose something by the time im ready to sit down and type them out.  this is one of those times.


  1. I hear you on the "words" problem. Random thoughts always seem so much better unordered and wandering through than they do when put down as actual text.

  2. no worries about the post not being as good as it was in your head. That describes every one of my posts over the last 3+ years.
    write whatever/whenever you feel.