Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well, tomorrow The 2012 National starts

im pretty excited.  i have everything all set, just have to get on the amtrak tomorrow morning and make my way to Baltimore.

havnt totally decided what i'll be focusing on, other then trying to wrap up my Post War HOF RC PSA Collection.  im leaning towards picking up some Topps RCs from the other sports that ive yet to acquire.

also going to probably see if there are any dealers selling the Topps Heritage stuff that i need.  The down side to that is that im not much of a "grunt", never been a fan of digging through boxes.  im going to pretty much be there all five days, so im sure i will try at some point.

i hope that there's going to be a nice turnout. would be nice to see old friends and meet new ones face to face.  there really is nothing else like the national when it comes to card geekdom.

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