Sunday, June 28, 2015

Digital Trading Cards (Wait, WHAT?!?)

i know, i know..... 

What? they aren't real cards Eric!  You don't own any physical copy, WHY would you want to collect them????

i used to feel that way as well.

The Star Wars Card Trader came along in March.  Free app, free credits, free free free!  i was in, hey it was free after all, right? lol
i enjoyed building up my daily credit ration, ripping packs here and there.   i had a good time and enjoyed interacting with some
of my card collecting friends on Twitter that were also playing the game.

There are plenty of places to go about reading "How To Play" and the like, so i wont go into that here.

As of this writing, i am totally enamored with Star Wars Card Trader (SWCT).  Simply cannot get enough.  The eCards look amazing 
on the retina screen.   They are fun to chase down, fun to trade and just plain fun to interact with others that feel the same way.

i understand that they are not "physical" cards and they are not for everyone, and thats fine.  its not anyones place to tell anyone else
how they should or should not collect whatever it is they like.  But if one can accept that they are not physical cards, there is a LOT of 
enjoyment to be had in many aspects of collecting.

Like to rip wax but hate all the space that can be taken up by whats left? Not a problem with digital
Like to buy singles, but hate to wait for them to arrive in the mail(or not get lost in it)? Not a problem with digital
Like to collect cards and are too ashamed to admit it to your friends? Not a problem with digital

A friend mentioned something that rings very true, ripping Digital Packs is like playing a Modern day Slot Machine, you land a "Hit" 
and your phone lights up/vibrates and confetti splashes all over the screen, its quite fun actually.  Its also cool to "screen cap" it and 
share it with your buddies.

Star Wars is Universally Popular, and with the new movie on the horizon and Disney backing Topps on this one, 
i see only Bright things in the galaxy far, far away :) 

There are also MLB/, NFL and Soccer versions of the app, and they're fun as well, but more geared towards what happens in 
the real life games then about collecting, but im sure there is a fair share of those collectors as well.  

As always, enjoy everything


ETA:   This entire Digital Card Trading thing reminds me a lot of when MTG started up and had a ton of nay-sayers.   22+ years later, MTG is as strong as ever.

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