Monday, January 10, 2011

Did Upper Deck KILL the baseball card "hobby' in 1989?

i was thinking about this today during my walk. Sure Score came along a year before Upper Deck, but i really don't know.

What if it would have remained Topps/Donruss/Fleer/Score heading into the 90's, would we be where we are today?

1989 UD was a huge change in the "hobby". Top notch paper stock, full color pic on the back, and a counterfeit proof hologram on the back as well.

1990 "Find The Reggie!" lead to the mass insertion of autographed cards into packs.

if these things hadnt come along, im still sure that there would still have been millions of trees slaughtered during the mass production years.

but where would we be in 2011? Would there even be cards still put out?

i know many collectors that, quite frankly, "hate" Topps now that they are the only company allowed to make MLB Baseball Cards. Some, if not most of those guys were collecting in the 80s like i was.

ive really lost interest in everything newer then 1989. don't know why that is, but thats how it seems to be lately.

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