Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year Everybody

i hope that everyone had a good time last week as the new year came about.

i dont do resolutions...things that you think you should change, should be done when you think of them, not because a new year is here.

i should try to blog more, but i never really have that much to say.
or if i do, i dont feel like doing all that typing to get it out there.

the new year has me focused on OPC baseball, Topps Hockey, and PSA Slabs.
ive really fallen for those cut-with-a-butter-knife carboard pics of baseball players, made from the country up north.

the new year also means that Pearl Jam is now 20 years old. cripes, where does
the time go? Thank You to my friend Kenny for getting me into them all those
years ago.

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