Sunday, September 9, 2012

Walking Dead TV, Comic, and CGCs & Sports Card Transistion

Walking Dead is a Fever.  it really is.  it starts all nice and easily enough, but then it takes you over.

The TV show is very, very good.  i think it will get even better.  The Comic book is flat out fucking amazing.  there is little that is "the same" about the two.  the basic outline is the same, but there are limits as what can be done on TV, especially basic cable.

i feel that with the rising popularity of the TV Show, more people will gravitate towards the Comic.  im collecting CGCs with an eye towards the future.  i feel that there is room for them to grow, a lot of room.  Time will tell if i am right or not.  of course. ive been wrong about things like this before :)

ive lost a lot of interest in cards as of late.  i can about count on both hands how many slabs that id still like to own when it comes to post war rookies.  i'll always love and love to talk about cards and will do so with anyone whos interested in doing so, but the ones that ive been interested in winning gets smaller with each passing day it seems.


  1. Never read the comic, but I watched the show on Netflix. It's great!

  2. This is my favorite show on television... can't wait to catch season 3. I purchased The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. #1 and love it.

    By the way... what are CGC's?