Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 East Coast National Recap

i had taken off from work today as i was going to see Chicago play at Jones Beach tonight.
(The show was awesome, as was expected!)

So i had some free time early in the day and decided to check out the show.  i usually attend this show on Friday, as i prefer those hours to the weekend hours.  That being said, it may be the "norm" to have people line up outside for entry to the show on the weekends, but its not like that on Fridays.

i got in and noticed something right away.  the room was packed. not pack as in a lot of people, but packed as in the walking space in the aisles was considerably less then normal.  There was also no way there were 450 dealer tables.

Well, it is what it is, and it was time to have a look around.  Even a "bad" show is a good show, as it IS a show :)  after walking around for about three hours i hadnt picked up anything.  There were a couple of things that interested me, but overall pretty underwhelmed.

What i did see were a lot of customers walking around and seemingly happy to be there shopping.
there seemed to be a lot of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout low end rookie cards changing hands.  thats a good sign in my book.   of course, some people want then for "cheaper" no matter what the dealer offers.

well as my "time to leave" time approached, i had to make some decisions.  And here they are:

(My scanner is not working, and these pics suck and do NOT do the cards justice)

i fell in love with this card as soon as i saw it.  centering on this card is a PITA, it really is.
even though it's not a rookie card, i had to have it.

Next up ... somewhat of a return to an old focus.  those of you that have known me for some time realize that i tend to jump all over the place.  well, time to revisit an old friend ... BGS Gold.
i am going to try for true gems when given the opportunity, but it wont be a deal breaker like it had been back then.    The BIG Picture of this Focus is to go for Topps Rookie Cards of players of note (that i do not already have). 

Here are two that i picked up today ...

i also picked up a box of 2012 Topps Football Jumbos that i hope to open sooner rather then later :)

Thanks For The Read,