Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 National day four

Day Four recap.

Not having access to my iPad, i am writing this from home, after the fact.  but thats the way it goes.

Day four was a good one as far as picking stuff up goes.  Since the last card that i "need" for my Post-War HOF RC Collection was being held "hostage", that meant that the fundage i saved up for it could be used for other things.  That meant that it was time to really delve into a new Focus.  Football HOF RC's

i was thinking about it a lot as i was trying to get to sleep after Firday nights events.  it was then that i decided to go ahead and really go "all in" on the new focus.  As soon as the doors opened, i went straight to one table (on purpose) and picked up four of the huge 80's rookies.  Very happy to have added them.  i also decided it was time to buy one of those 2012 Topps Mini Boxes that EVERYONE seemed to be ripping.  so i bought one (yay for free promos!)

i was able to hang out with some of the new friends i made.  it was a really great day overall.

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