Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 National day three

Day Three of this years National.

Well, the charger for my iPad died, So I'm typing this on my phone, so it may be shorter then I'd like, but it was such an awesome day that I want to get it written now.

So today was day three.

This morning I was able to land four PSA RCs and the card side of the day ended with another one.

But what made today amazing was the stuff away from the showroom floor.

Today was the PSA Luncheon.  What a great time that was. There was a great speaker, and also a really funny video.  The shindig lasted about two hours.

Then it was back to the show for more browsing and chatting. Did that for the rest of the day.

After the show was a get together for the net 54 crew.   A group of us went, and it was fun. The cheese was good.

About 8:15 we headed over to an exclusive party for Steiner Sports. It was at some happening place in the inner harbor. Lots of young people everywhere.   Once we got into the club, who do we see standing near the bar? Yep, the one and only Dwight Gooden! 

Having known that he was supposed to be there, I was prepared to tell him the story about my favorite card that I keep in my wallet.  For about the last three years ive kept a 1985 Topps #620 Dwight Gooden card in my wallet that i personally pulled out of a pack back in 1985.  It's my favorite card of all time, and the card that got me to where i am today as a collector.  I told Dwight my story and he was very nice and politely agreed to sign my card.  He even personalized it "To Eric, Best Wishes"  Man i couldnt believe it, i really couldnt.  i was like a flustered kid again, having just conversed with my childhood idol.

After all that took place, I was on cloud nine! waawaawewa!  Wow I'm still having it all sink in.   Barry Larkin was also there.  We pretty much all took pictures with both of them.  Everyone was having an amazing time.  We then stayed there a few more hours before it was time to head back to grab some shut eye for the evening

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