Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 National Day Two

Day two of this years National.

The day started out well.  Woke up before my alarm went off.
What is it about being on vacation that make a person sleep even less then when they're at home? lol

I went for a little stroll as I waited for the show to open.  Took a walk down around Camden Yards.  The place is now 20 years old and it still looks amazing.  I also walked over to where Baba Ruth was born.  Then it was time to head in for day two.

Day two meant that it was a good time to make some purchases and not risk them being available later on.  I was quite successful in scoring things that I wanted to pick up.  

Then the rest of my day was spent talking with old and new friends that were at the show.  Then it was time for the Topps Panel.  This years was about the same as last years (but the food was better last year).  I did enjoy myself thought.

Then day two was a wrap.  A few of us were hanging around outside of the hotel to decide where to go for some dinner and such.   As we were waiting, two fellow collectors were walking by and in one of those "Wow moments", one of the guys recognized me from this very here blog! Right on, that was awesome.

We as a group decided to then head down to the "Inner Harbor" to see what we could see, and what there was as far as eating establishments.  Well, I have to be honest, the "Inner Harbor" was nothing short of unimpressive.  A few stores here and there, and get this, a freaking MALL! lol

We decided on an Irish Bar & Grill.  A good time was had by all.  Then it was time to head back and rest up for tomorrow.

So my day two was fantastic.  I am really having a good time and enjoying myself.  Anytime I can make new friends, AND talk about cards? #WINNING 

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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