Monday, March 18, 2013

Rest Easy Brother, RIP Jason Molina

i learned today that one of my favorite musicians died over the weekend.  His name was Jason Molina and he was an alcoholic.  He was just 39 years old.  His organs seemed to have given out and he died of "natural" causes.

He wasnt a "famous rock star" to the masses, but he was to me.

i discovered his music about 10 years ago.  After my fiance died in the summer of 2003, i spent the better part of 6 weeks not leaving the house.  i returned to working at the record shop.  it was there that a co-worker, after prodding him about wanting to listen to "something different", turned me on to Jason Molina's (and some other bands as well) music.

i fell immediately in love with the music.  i was in a very dark place, and could relate totally to what Jason was singing.  it was like he was speaking directly to me.  it was that good.

i got to see the band play twice.  i would have seen them more times,  but they didnt get to New York City all that often.  Each time, after the show (and once before one) i was able to have coversations with Jason (and Pete (the bassist)).  it was just small chat, i told him how he helped me through the dark times after my fiance died, he was very humble and thankful that i was a fan of his.  he came off as an everyday type of fellow that made music and was on the road for a living.  the last time we spoke he had to cut it short because it was time for him to pack up the van and head to the next town.

for the better part of this year, ive been listening to his album "Didn't It Rain" as my music of choice to fall asleep to each night.  if it wasnt Animals, it was Didnt It Rain.  its been that way pretty much for the last six months or so.  

i am absolutely shattered about this.  maybe i shouldnt be, but i am.

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