Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Is Here, and i am sad :(

It is with a heavy heart that i am writing this.

i just opened a Target Blaster of 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball. 

you know when you hate being "right", because being right means that it's not a good thing?  well, that is what has happened.

While sorting 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB cards, i noticed that Topps had "changed" the card stock used for the base cards.  They felt a little glossy, and had lost that "old time" feel that releases prior had felt.

Then there was the 2012 Topps Heritage High Number debacle.  The Card stock was the same as the MiLB, making it difficult to enjoy the base cards

Now after those two releases i pleaded with Topps to not use the same paper stock for 2013.  We were assured that the 2013 Paper Stock would be like the past years.

Didnt happen.  Sadly, this years card stock is bad.  not all that much different then 2012 HH#

My blaster did not contain any "hits" worth mentioning.  That doesnt matter, in all of the thousands of packs ive opened, ive never pulled a card more then $50 anyway.  That was never the point of me ripping Heritage. 

i loved ripping heritage because it was the closest thing to "old" cards that were on the market.  Todays players portrayed in classic old Topps designs.

In an age when people are all about the "shiny" and the "MOJO HITS", Topps Heritage Base Cards could be counted on for those of us that used to open packs when it was all about the gum, friends, and memories tied to the game we loved.

Sadly, now Topps Heritage has lost it's luster.

i know, i know.  Topps "added more" to the packs as far as "hits" go, but some of us (and i freely admit that the number of us is VERY small) don't care about those things.


  1. This is bad news. I loved the non-glossiness of the Heritage cards for getting autographs. I also liked it because it was the type of card stock I am used while growing up a collector.

  2. I gave up Heritage about 7 years ago. Even then the idea was GREAT, while for my budget the execution just wasn't there. If they've gone so far as to radically alter the yardstick....yeesh.

  3. In 2011 and 2012, I was at the LCS on release day to buy 2-3 boxes of Heritage. Not so this year. I still never finished off those two master sets, because it's so damn hard to do. But when even ThoseBackPages isn't excited about Heritage, something is very wrong.

    Not saying I won't buy any at some point. Heck, if they dip to less than $50 a box like this year's did, I just might buy a few boxes down the road, maybe even a case. But for the first time in a long time, it's just not something I can get excited about. Least not the way I did a couple years ago.

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