Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Great Divide

As someone that has collected sports cards for a very long time, i like to think i know what im talking about when i do talk about them.

As someone that is fairly new to collecting comics, i know i have a lot to learn.

In the card world, there are pretty clear "lines in the sand" for those that collect, particularly on the hardcore collecting side.   "Old vs New".    Those that love old, love it hardcore and vice versa.

Same "thing" seems to be the case in the comic world.  Maybe its just me, and my new learning ways, but there seems to be a LOT more "disregard" for "Modern" collectors by those that choose to collect the old stuff.

i see it time and time again..... Someone paid WHAT for (new book here)? Hell, i could by (number here) (time period here) "Keys" for that kind of money!"

who cares?  grow the fuck up and let those that want to buy what THEY WANT TO, buy it!  That just means that they (most likely) wont be competing against you for those things that YOU WANT TO BUY.

Sure these same situations occur in the card world, but the venom just doesnt seem to be as vile.

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