Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comic Books, they ain't just "funny books" anymore.

Now that 2013 is in full swing, i think its about time that Marvel and DC wake up and realize what people in todays world are about.

i will freely admit that i do not support Marvel floppies in any way.  i cannot see spending $4 for something that is printed on paper stock that feels like Scotts Toilet Tissue and on top of that, is littered with adverts IN THE MIDDLE of the story.  WHo goes to the movies and expects to see adverts in the middle of the show?

anyway, Marvel needs to wake up and realize that todays comic book reader, regardless of age, sees and interacts with people that swear, are mean, are evil, kill people, are violent, etc.  When is the last time Peter Parker told someone to "fuck off!"? now im not saying that it needs to be 23856 times an issue, but how about making the character a little more realistic?

While im at it, how about coming out with some titles that are NOT fucking super-heroes? would that be so bad?  i enjoy reading books that are not all about superheroes, books that are somewhat about real, everyday life. 

anyway, just wanted to get that out there.

Thanks for taking your time out to read my drek :)



  1. Eric,
    If you want some swearing I recommend anything by Garth Ennis. As a matter of fact if you want a good book that mixes Super Heroes and swearing pick up The Boys. Also his older stuff like Preacher and his run on the Punisher are all pretty great.

  2. i LOVED Preacher! Took me about 4 days to read through the six hardcover books. ive also heard good things about The Boys from a few different people. i really need to check that series out as it has now ended.