Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year Everybody!

Welcome to 2013.  Hard to imagine, eh? i hear you.

i hope everyone had a safe holiday season.  Baseball is just around the corner, Football is winding down, and The Walking Dead & SAGA! are on FIRE!

i hope more people start reading Image Comic releases, they are awesomeness!

meanwhile, Marvel and DC continue to put their comics out on the worst fucking possible paper stock they can find.  Holding their books is like handling a 3-ply roll of toilet paper (and lets not even discuss what the content is like! LOL)

ok, enough rambling.  Wanted to blog today, so here it is.

Maybe this year i'll blog more about TWD and SAGAH! yea, its SAGA, but its funny to just say SAGAH!

i have to address something ... My third favorite comic book ... Revival.  Unfortunately my uber-excitement for this book is somewhat diminished by a certain fuckbag comic book snake oil-salesman slinger in the New England Area.  His program is going to be re-releasing the FIRST TWELVE issues.  mind you, issue #1 came out last JULY.  his version will be out next week.  fucking a.  But Eric, you LOVE additional printings!  yea, that's true, but i also like them because they are available for less then cover price.  Sadly these wont be.  oh well.

ok, thanks for reading my dreck :)

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