Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 NYCC Thoughts, Ramblings ... Recap.

The 2013 NYCC has come to an end.  The sads have already set in, but that is normal, as it always happens to me after attending a big show.

Needless to say, i had a great time. it's really difficult NOT to have a great time when attending the NYCC.  This was my second one, and it was
different then last year.  How? you may ask.  it's hard to explain i suppose.  Last years NYCC was the first comic show that i had ever attended. i
was still so "green" when it comes to collecting comics.  i had a lot to learn. still do. Thankfully we all are always learning some thing new at all
times really.  thats one of the wonderful things about collecting. always learning something new.

This year, there were a handful of artists that were not going to be attending. initially i was a little bummed about this, but i understand that real
life gets in the way sometimes, it happens to everyone, thats the way it is.  But that didnt mean that i wasnt going to make the best of it, it was
NYCC afterall!!!

Well, i think it all worked out for the best because i was able to spend so much time involved in great conversation with those that were there :)
There are bound to be people and things that i will unintentionally leave out of this re-cap. it is not intentional, it just happens.

OK, where to even begin.

The days prior to the show i was having trouble falling asleep due to the excitement of the show approaching.  When it came to the night before
the show, i knew that sleep would not be an option.   i left my house a little after 1am on Thursday morning, hoped on the 1:49 LIRR Train to
Penn Station.  i arrived at Javits at approximately 3:15am.  i was expecting to see people there hanging out when i got there, but i was the first
one there, nobody around.  Still dark, not too cold, and relatively quiet for it being Manhattan and all.  About an hour or so later, a cosplayer
arrived, and we waited around until slowly other people started to show up.  it was about 7am before a bunch of people really started showing up.

They told us that they'd let us into the waiting que at 12 noon.  not a shock that they lied, it was after 12:30.  The show was to start at 3pm. This year
they came up with the "great" idea that all badge holders had to "tap in" to enter the show, and "tap out" to leave the grounds.  Yes, that was as
dumb as it sounds.  Of course, mine didnt "tap in" properly when they finally let us in, so my first in line was more like 30th when they finally got
my badge to work.  i was pissed, but all they could do was say "sorry". ugh.

When the doors opened, we all rushed in like a pack of zombies.  my first stop was the Skybound booth to secure some of the WD #1 B&W
NYCC Exclusive Variants, and to say hello to the staff that ive become friendly with over the year thanks to the twitter.  Mission completed,
and it was then around the corner to the Image Comics side to pick up the East Of West Hardcover NYCC Exclusive, as well as some other
things that people asked me to pick up for them.

Then it was time to check out the main floor where there were corporate booths and dealers and such.  Lots of comics and all types of collectables
to buy.  Of course, lots of high prices on stuff, especially WD floppies! LOL  no shock really. it is what it is.  did that for a while, just to give the
artists that were in Artists Alley time to get set up, and settled in.  Then it was time to head over to AA. 

Last year, Artists Alley (AA) was a complete game changer for me.  i didnt really know what it was all about, and when i learned, i was blown away.

This year, i learned that DC had given up their big fancy main floor booth, in favor of setting up at AA.  that had me completely worried.  i was worried
that DC would fuck up AA and exploit it, like the BigBloatedTwo like to do with everything else that is enjoyable.  Thankfully i was wrong.  DC had
an insignificant representation at AA, all the way in the back.  infact i didnt even realize they were there until late friday, when i made my way all the
way to the back wall.  good riddance.

Those that know me (and anyone reading this, really) know that the two people that i really wanted to meet most this year were Charlie Adlard (who
draws TWD) and Matt Kindt (The amazing Creator, Writer, Drawer, Colorer, Inker, Letterer of Mind MGMT).

Charlie lives in England and is sort of a big deal.  Image brought him over just for this show, so i knew that getting to chat with him was just not going
to be possible.  Turns out that i wasnt completely correct. i got to interact with him a little, but as much as could be expected given the situation.

i knew that Matt wasnt going to be setting up at AA until later in the evening, so it was time to check out who else was there.  Just like last year, there
were PLENTY of people who i had no idea who they were, but thats ok, it happens lol.  There were a lot of people set up and it seemed like there
were more artists set up then last year.  Not a lot of "empty tables" which was nice, since it was Thursday and all.  Speaking of which, this year NYCC
sold individual Thursday passes for the first time.  This meant that there were a LOT of people at the show Thursday, and that was not more evident
then just seeing the crowd at AA.  i will say that there were more people in AA Thursday evening this year, then there were Friday evening last year,
and thats saying something.  i love how packed AA gets, as its all about the artists, and for the most part, smaller artists that are not getting rich from
"Big Two" work.

Last week or so, i came out with an idea of a new collecting focus when it comes to getting commissions that i am a fan of.

As you may or may not know, i am a huge Walking Dead Comic Book fan.  Rick Grimes is my favorite character.  For this Focus, Rick Grimes, i approach
the artist and ask them if they are doing commissions.  if yes, i explain to them what i would like, and if they agree, then we move forward.  Here is what
i require, just three things.

1) No Hat
2) No Hand
3) Grungy/Unkempt looking, facial hair. (Basically Post ZA)

The rest is up to them.  Whatever is in their mind, i'd love for them to translate it onto the blank comic page. if they are up to it, then i give them a
Walking Dead 109 blank, and pick it up when its finished.

The nifty name i came out for this? "The Grimey Grimes Project (GGP)"  heh, i thought it was catchy.

Ok, well now it was time to see if anyone was interested in my GGP.  First person that i recognized while walking around was Ryan Browne.  Ryan
is the current artist for a book i like called "Bedlam".  Ryan and i have talked before on the twitters, and when introducing myself he remembered.
We chatted for a bit and then i asked him about GGP and he said it sounded like a good idea.  (yes!).

Then it was time to talk to other artists and see if they'd be interested in GGP.  Some of the artists i met last year, some this year for the first time. Most
agreed to participate in the GGP, which i thought was awesome!

All in all i was about to add eight pieces to my GGP (one is being completed today and mailed to me)

ok, where was i ..... oh yea, then it was more walking around to see who else was there at AA.  Again, so many, no need to mention them all by name.

Then it was time to see if Matt Kindt had gotten to his table at AA.  indeed he had.  he was all set up with his lovely wife, who was also amazing to chat with.
i love meeting great people in this hobby.  i simply cannot even recall all the amazingness that Matt and i talked about.  over the course of the four days i
would have to say that we chatted for at least two hours. it was so fantastic!   i have so much respect for him, it was a true honor to meet him in person

Then it was time to wrap up day one and head to the LIRR to get home in time to grab literally a few minutes to shower, rest and return for day two.

Friday was day two.  (a lot of what happened during day one was repeated each day, really)  i got to Javits around 6am.  The line wasnt too bad, couldnt
have been more then 200 people or so.  By end of day Friday, i had some of my GGP's back in hand.  Damn they were nice.  i was showing them to friends
and other artists as well.  all enjoyed what they saw.

Friday night i was able to get 80 minutes of sleep before heading into the city for Saturday.  On Saturday i got to Javits at about 5:30 in anticipation of a
very long line.  well, it wasnt. i was almost in the same exact spot as the morning before.

Saturday was, of course, packed.  i was able to spend literally 30 minutes on the sales floor (10:00 - 10:30) before the crowds started POURING in like
blood from a freshly cut wound.  CRAZY times indeed. i spent pretty much all day in AA on Saturday.  Not that that meant that there wasnt anyone there,
because it was packed there as well.  im sure attendance records were set this year.   had to have been.

i was supposed to go to the Zombie Escape Walk on Saturday night, but i was far too tired to even think about it. i was home by 11pm-ish and was able to
get 6+ hours sleep before getting up to go to the last day of the show.

i got to Javits just a little after 10am on Sunday.   LOTS of people awlking from the Penn Station area over to the show.  i was surprised to see that i was
just about able to walk right in without much wait at the gate.   There were already a ton of people inside, so getting around wasnt all that easy.

It was such a good time, it really was.  Sucks that it had to come to an end. i was able to get home around 8pm last night and get ready for TWD Season 4 Premier.

Here are some pickup pics:

 photo null_zpsba48a7c3.jpg  photo null_zps0cf17ee1.jpg  photo null_zps3bfa6405.jpg  photo null_zpsfca05e8d.jpg  photo null_zps4d09729d.jpg  photo null_zps08ccf102.jpg  photo null_zps47be335e.jpg  photo null_zpse4ac47b7.jpg  photo null_zps0b25d120.jpg  photo null_zps4bb5152c.jpg  photo null_zps74e378e6.jpg  photo null_zps44e895ab.jpg  photo null_zps91518b89.jpg  photo null_zps1ffd58ea.jpg

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  1. Awesome. Went to my first SDCC last year. Can't wait to go again (if I can get badges of course).