Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Beginners Guide: The Ways To Read The Walking Dead Comic Book

With The Walking Dead TV Show getting more popular then ever, i am somewhat surprised how many of the rabid TV Fans have not read the comic.  As good as the TV Show is (and it's real good), the book is just SO much better IMO.  it is not restricted by AMC restrictions, or the restrictions of TV itself.

i have written up a summary of which ways someone that is new to the book can get started and/or caught up on the book:

Floppies/Monthlies:  Starting in October of 2003, Image Comics released The Walking Dead as a monthly release (meaning that it was released one a month, and it has pretty much remained true to that format for each month since then for the last 10 years.)  The floppies feature full color covers, and after each issue a Letters Column where fans write in and discuss/ask questions about the book.  Some floppies also feature sneak
previews of future Image comics.  These issues, while meant to be read, are also highly collectible, making this the most costly way to read the series.  There are currently 156 floppies. There is no "end point" in sight, and i'd expect it to go at least 300 issues.
Cover price is $2.99

Trades/Trade Paper Backs/TPB : These are released about every six months.  Each TPB contains six floppies.  There are no covers or Letter Sections included, and the individual issues are not separated, it reads straight through.  There are no bonus materials included.  There are currently 25 TPBs of TWD. 
Cover Price is $14.99

Hard Cover Trades/HC : The Hard Cover Trades consist of 12 floppies, with the pages being literally a larger format. Essentially, each Hard Cover contains two TPB's.  There are bonus materials included including a collection of the covers in the back of the HC.  The Letter Section is not included, and the individual issues are not separated, it reads straight through.  There are currently 12 HC Collections.
Cover Price is $34.99

Omnibus/Oversized Deluxe : These collections contain 24 floppies each, or four TPBs/Two HC.  These pages are even larger then the HC, and comes with a slip case.  Packaging overall is Very Well done.  There are bonus materials included.  There are currently 5 Omnibus'
Cover Price is $99.99

Compendium : These Collections contain 48 floppies each, or Eight TPB/Four HC/Two Omnibus'  The pages are the same size as the floppies and the TPB.  There are no special features in the Compendiums, strictly 48 floppies from first page to last. Since these contain 48 floppies, they tend to take years to come out between releases,  48 floppies is 4 years of monthly releases, so its a safe bet (there is nothing set in stone) that a
Compendium will come out every few years. UPDATE! Volume 3 is OUT NOW!
Cover price on these is $64.99

i am a monthly floppy reader, have been since issue 98 i think it was.  i know some people that wait for the TPB to come out, but i have no idea how they have that kind of will power! LOL

When re-reading, i prefer the Hard Cover Trades/HC format.  i feel it is just the right right size when held in my hand, the increased page size is nice, and since its a hard cover, it is just an over all better experience imo.

The most economical way to read TWD would be The Compendiums, but keep in mind that these are HEAVY! i think they weigh about 7 pounds each.

Like anything else, do not be afraid to shop around for the best price you can find.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. i can literally talk about TWD all day.


  1. I've got the first compendium. Slowly working my way through it. I like it so far. Just not a lot of time for reading.

  2. Are these on any apps for comics for the iphone/ipad?

  3. Justin, actually i believe Comixology is running a sale, check them out.