Saturday, July 16, 2011

Graded RC Of The Day - Roberto Clemente

ive been a Clemente Fan for a long time. a very long time. for as long as i can remember, his Rookie Card has always been one card that i wanted. in the past i was never able to bring myself to "pull the trigger" and pick one up. ive also been looking at low (low) graded copies on ebay for some time. honestly, ive never seen one like the one i own below that as soon as i saw it, my reaction was "wow, that is one that i would like to own and think i'd be able to pull it off" The centering is so amazing, the colors are so vivid, i think that hole knocked a few hundred dollars off the price.

The man need no introduction...

Here is a jewel in my collection:


oh, and if this card could talk, id love to hear its story about how that hole got there, and what for? i'd guess that its original owner punched the hole in it with his other "non favorite" cards so that they could be carried around with ease on perhaps a key chain or string or the like.


  1. The cards in rough shape ALWAYS have a much richer history than the mint ones! I often have wondered the same thing, where these cards have been could make a pretty interesting story.