Sunday, July 3, 2011

i know ive written about this before...FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS (...i need one)

Collecting sports cards is a nasty habit. it really is. yes, there are far other worse things that one can do with their money.

i am a collector, much like a drug user cant quit shooting up, i cannot stop collecting. that being said, FOCUS is such an issue for me.

i am about done with my Topps Heritage Baseball Run and thats something that im going to be glad to add to yearly going forward with each new release.

i am always going to collect graded rookie cards that i'd like to own that i havnt obtained yet.

i have finished my "1984 Donruss Hall Of Fame Base Card PSA 9 Project"
i am working on my "1981 Topps Hall Of Fame Base Card PSA 9 Project"
i am working on my "1984 Fleer Hall Of Fame Base Card PSA 9 Project"

these last two, its a case of the slabs i still need are not available to buy.

That leaves me where i am as i type this.....needing something to FOCUS on in addition to the above FOCUS'

Thinking about Sets in sheets from 1980 and earlier, specifically O-Pee-Chee Baseball. Then the more i think about it.....sure i can buy them, put them in fresh new sheets....then what? grrrr

man, i just dont know anymore. nothing newer then 1989 (other then Topps Heritage) holds my interest. Hell, im even thinking about making that nothing newer then 1980.

1981 was such a turbulent year in my life personally, then add in Donruss & Fleer and BOOM! the card market goes into mass production, there isnt much from post-1980 that isnt really readily available if you think about it.....factory sets, vending boxes, wax boxes, all available for the most part, and all affordable in the grand scheme of things. 1980 and earlier on the other hand, wasx isnt all that abundant, and it aint cheap. Sets in their entirety arent mega-costly, and certainly are not "rare"


shoot me now....please?

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  1. There are some cool obscure releases from post-93. You'll figure it out.