Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Thoughts on The National

Forty-Eight hours from now, i will be in Chicago. the day after that, The 2011 Nation begins in the afternoon.

i have been looking forward to this show since the calender turned to 2011. There have been days in my head that have been filled with so many different things that id like to pick up at the show. of course, nobody can have it all. thats the way life is.

i am going to be concentrating on George Brett and Mike Schmidt PSA Slabs, and Rookie Card Slabs that i like, especially ones that i feel are an awesome price for the grade. That last part is something that is difficult to do online, but easier in person. Especially when youre dealing face-to-face with a seller, and you have cash to spend.

i hope that everyone that is attending the even has a safe trip, and they have an amazing time. im not sure what i'll be doing as far as online stuff while im away.
i'll have my iPad (original 3G) with me, but im not sure how much i will utilize it to be honest.

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