Sunday, September 18, 2011

1991 Donruss Series II Wax Box Rip

Since i've decided to go hard-core into my George Brett and to some extent Mike Schmidt PSA Registries, i'm finding it harder to pick up slabs i need. This means that im going to have to rip wax myself to get the cards needed to submit.

Sure i could pick up the singles and submit them, the problem with that is that those singles are going on two decades of age, if not more. They are not in the shape that i am looking for (8 or better)

So the other night i ripped this box:


picked it up for $8 from BBCE. There's no Schmidt in it (his playing days cards ended with a few issues in 1990 sets), but there is a "Highlights" insert of Brett's that i still need

i was lucky enough to pull one:


unfortunately the upper left corner has some issues going on with it and i think im looking at a "7" on it if i submit it.

it was fun to rip this twenty year old wax box. i did learn something though, the raw cards (in this box at least) are very rough. diamond cuts, dings, the works.
i may have to re-think my approach about buying slabs and bite the bullet, especially with wax that only has Brett in it, and no Schmidt's

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