Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1993 Studio Wax - "Ripping For George Brett Submissions"

1993 Studio Wax Box $12 from (best wax website EVA!)


This box wasn't nearly as FUN to open as the 1992 Donruss was.

Here are the results:

i wound up pulling three Brett Base Cards, one should be a 9, the other two would probably be in the 8 range.

and the second to last pack netted me the absolute best pull i could ask for in this entire product! There are 12 cards in this insert set, the box had three in it. i was really happy to land the GB!
The lower left corner has some wear (not as bad as it seems in the pic), looking at an 8 on it.

Here's a pic of "the hits"

Overall i am naturally happy with the rip as i was able to pull the only two Brett issues in the release. That being said, the rip wasn't all that entertaining, as the cards themselves were all over the place inside each pack, upside down, etc.

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