Saturday, September 24, 2011

A-Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

you know how people say to save things for a rainy day?

well, i've got these saved for a rainy day:


i just can't help myself when it comes to these sealed cases. these were always too costly for me to afford when they were released. All these years later (20+ of them wow!)they are very affordable. Hell, these sealed CASES are "cheaper" then most of 2011's sealed BOXES. yea, yea, yea i know, things changed. But these cases are going to be so much fun to open, having the contents see their first light of day since they were manufactured all those years ago...


  1. Man! After the endless loop of trying to log out and sign back in I finally get to comment on your blog, so here goes:

    Great pics, what are the years on those cases besides the 1989 Donruss? I just bought 2 boxes of the 89 Donruss and only got 1 Griffey rookie, just my luck. Anyways, great blog, glad I happen to stumble upon it, hope you get some good cards to grade out of that.

  2. Big Smooth,

    Thank You for your kind words!

    Here are the cases (3 box cases unless noted)

    89 Fleer
    87 Donruss
    89 Donruss
    90 Donruss
    86 Topps
    87 Topps (6 Box)
    88 Topps
    88 Topps (6 box)
    89 Topps
    89 Topps (6 Box)

  3. That is too cool. I think I need some sets from those years. Let me know how you make out. Maybe we can work a trade.

  4. I go to bbcexchange every day and look through all the boxes I could never get and see them and just mention to myself 'get that, get that, get that, get that". some day I hope to have the moolah to go complete crazy on 1988 Topps cases bercause that set gets more classic whith each passing year and it appeals to me more than any cards being put out today. And the prices are insane for the boxes. The price of buying a whole case of '88 Topps is the same as a Gypsy Queen box.