Saturday, October 22, 2011

10.22.11 - Hofstra Card Show Review

My daily walk was canceled to attend the Hofstra Card Show. Here's how it went...

The Hofstra Show was very crowded, that was because there were a large amount of 1986 WS Champion Mets there signed autographs (for a fee of course! ha)

i was not there for that, although it was nice to see Gooden, Hernandez, Orosco and Danny Heep being nice to people.

i was there for George Bretts and "junk wax & boxed sets". you see, it's financially best to pick up these items in person do to size and weight, which means buying them online usually costs more to ship them, then what you pay for them.

the show itself was a bit of a letdown selection wise. a lot of modern shininess and a lot of vintage, not much in between (where Brett happens to fall i suppose)

i was able to pick this lot up for $25:

i wasnt in the mood for dumpster diving today, hey it happens. i was casually looking through some boxes, and wound up with this lot for $20:

pretty happy to pick up some needed Black Tints, a Jackie SP (the other is a tradeable dupe) and a needed Oddball Brett and a Brett slab! (even though i have it, for 80 cents i added another). i also picked up some chrome refractors that seem to trade well with others. Topps Heritage is always in demand, and for less then a buck each, its good to have them to trade for other things that are needed.

The big shocker of the show was that 2011 Topps Heritage MiLB was down to $40 a box. i passed on it because i know me, and i know that one box would not be enough and then id need to put together the set.

i had a great time talking cards with some of my fellow FCB Brothers and seeing a dealer that ive not seen in over a dozen years.

So there you have it....i spent a whopping $45 at the show. i wish there would have been more to pick up, but there is always next time!

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