Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1993 Leaf Series One "Ripping for George Brett Submissions"

Welcome to my latest installment of "Ripping for George Brett Submissions"

1993 Leaf Series I, $9 from

Leaf signed Frank Thomas to be their card Spokesman in 1993, and his image was all over their products, as to be expected.

Super-glossy goodness premium base cards just like the '93 Pinnacle box that i opened last, but this time in MOST of packs they were stuck together, pretty badly. It took away from the experience to be honest.

I was fortunate enough to pull FIVE (woot!) Brett Base Cards, it's the only card he has in the release, and a good number of other star power:

There were seven "hits" in this box, i got four of the seven in the last six packs that i opened:
while is was nice to finish strong, it would have been more enjoyable to have them better spread out.

One of the Thomas Base cards i pulled (left) is lacking the "gloss" on the front of it (its present on the back)
i tried to take a pic, but its not showing it very well:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being Best) i give this rip: 6.5

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